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Ciabatta, Tuscan, or Wrap $9.43

Breadless Bowl $5.18-$8.49

The susky

Ham, turkey, american, mayo, lto & sweet Peppers on a tuscan roll

The elk

ham, colby, mayo, lto & Pickles on a tuscan roll

The Sass

Sopressatta, vino rosso salami & Aged Provolone with olive salad & Red onions on a ciabatta

THe LLoyd

Buffalo chicken, Pepperjack, ranch, lto & Banana peppers on a tuscan roll

THe Flats

mortadella & american, lto & yellow mustard on a tuscan roll

the boh

Oven roasted turkey, swiss & Cranberry mustard on a tuscan roll

the mccoy

roast beef, colby jack, horseradish mayo with lto on a ciabatta roll

The Vincenzo

Roast Beef, Pepper Jack, mayo, lto & banana peppers on a ciabatta roll 

The NONna

Ham, Capacolla, Vino Rosso Salami, aged provolone, lto & roasted red peppers, house dressing on ciabatta

The RoccO

Ham, Mortadella, Sopressata,aged provolone, lto & hot peppers, house dressing on a Ciabatta

lto= lettuce, tomato & onion

subject to change & availability

seasonal specials maybe available

check facebook for updates 

call 410-287-8474

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